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Recruitment Process Outsourcing




Service provider manages entire recruiting process end to end

Long term hiring.CIEL becomes firm’s recruiting organization.

Focused PRO

Service provider manages few functions in the recruiting process

Clients manages remaining processes

Limited PRO

Service provider manages entire recruiting process

Short-term hiring goal


  • Dedicated recruiters and scalable resources
  • Service provider manages process and compliance
  • Strategic reporting and analysis
  • Applicant Tracking System

Brief Introduction

CIEL understands the significance of Onboarding a set of people as per a recruitment plan and what it takes to make it happen. A number of activities have to happen in harmony with one another and continuous monitoring is required to make sure that the harmony is maintained, an aspect we emphasize on; being a pioneer among the staffing companies in India.

Scope of Work

  • Understanding the organization, the structure, the context of each role holder and the requirements.
  • Designing a plan for talent attraction, candidate assessment and candidate communication.
  • Advertising the jobs on a variety of media.
  • Sourcing candidates through multiple channels: interest check and validate suitability.
  • Managing vendors and internal referrals, if any.
  • Receiving and screening applications sourced through all the channels – CIEL, internal database, external sources and referrals.
  • Capturing details of the applicants in a format that is trackable over a period of time.
  • Coordinating interviews and any other steps in the selection process with shortlisted candidates.
  • Working with client teams for the issuance of offer letters to successful candidates.
  • Negotiating offers with the candidates.
  • Engaging offered candidates till their successful joining.

CIEL HR Advantages

  • Matches your compliance requirements fully without taking any short-cuts unlike some other staffing companies in India.
  • A team of expert consultants who have the experience in designing and executing some of the largest RPO programs in India will make sure that the client has a good plan and executes it rigorously.
  • CIEL HR Team follows standardization and process rigour to ensure that the outcomes are up to your satisfaction levels and that best practices are put in to ensure that.
  • Our client’s brand gets strengthened by the experience that the CIEL HR Team delivers to the applicants.

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