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5 Power Skills for Managers to Succeed in 2023

All of us know that managers need a combination of hard skills and soft skills to win in the marketplace. How is 2023 different? Yes, we have a different kettle of fish. We have come out of a pandemic that reminded us to be more human than ever before and value the contribution one can […]

Removing the bottlenecks from the path of Growth

Growth is great for everybody. How does it take place? As the adage goes, “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance”. Every leader has certain habits; what a leader does every day and doesn’t do as a matter of habit determines the contours of the path the unit traverses. Personal leanings Each […]

Delivering Growth Through Social Impact

A study undertaken by Professors at Harvard Business School in 2020 revealed that the ESG (environmental, social and governance) funds and the companies with a greater commitment to ESG outperformed the markets when Covid19 shook the world. The millennials and Gen Z are more vocal and concerned about the actions companies and senior leaders take […]

Leveraging Culture to Boost Growth

We have heard of the famous quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” We understand culture is the way the collective leadership of an organisation thinks, acts and interacts with the stakeholders. What about the growth dimension – does culture aid in boosting growth? Are they related? On the face of it, growth and culture are […]

Work has changed, Bosses have not!

Telecommuting or remote work was a mere topic of discussion prior to the pandemic. Times changed and the world of work underwent a massive change at a rapid pace. Teams met virtually, and customers and business partners transacted business through online interactions. Except for the manufacturing facilities, project sites and some services, almost everything else […]

Leveraging ChatGPT in HR Activities

Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) is one of the latest developments in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Some people believe that GPT is such a disruptive technology that could replace Google. Chat GPT uses NLP (natural language processing) system that is designed to learn human conversation and automate tasks performed by humans. Logically speaking, Chat GPT can reduce […]

Does Multitasking boost productivity than Monotasking?

There is no such thing as multitasking. Many of us find this hard to accept because many of us can do a few things in parallel. For example, we can write an email and at the same time, watch a movie. It seems like a good thing because two things get done at the same […]

Driving Growth Through Accountability

Businesses have no option but to grow if they want to stay relevant for the long term. J C Penney has famously said, “No company can afford to not move forward. It may be on the top of the heap today, but it will be at the bottom of the heap tomorrow if it doesn’t.” […]

Growing Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Companies are ambitious to grow: they grow their market presence and capacity to bring in more revenues and profits; grow their stakeholder experiences. At the same time, some of them look for other companies in the market having a synergy with their operations to either merge with them or acquire them. This route to get […]

The Curious Case of Quick Quitting

  Someone said, “Be quick, but don’t hurry.” It’s time that we remind ourselves of this adage. We are a recruitment company; every day we speak to jobseekers – active as well as passive ones. We have been noticing a consistent fall in patience and accommodative stance among people when the workplace environment isn’t up […]

Identify Leap of Faith Assumptions to Reduce Risks

We are a recruiting and staffing services company helping organisations find the right talent. We come across several opportunities every week, but our service architecture does not fit most of these situations. We were giving a pass to those opportunities; over a few months, we passed hundreds of them and we hated to see this […]

Setback is an Opportunity to Come Back Stronger

We come across people losing their loved ones, meeting with accidents and missing significant targets by narrow margins. People have break-ups in their relationships, major drops in their wealth and the sudden rise of their adversaries at work. Entrepreneurs fail, businesses lose steam and opportunities slip away from the hands. Each of these events could […]


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