Be it Hiring one person or many, finding the Right Talent at the Right Time is the key to success for any Business and we understand that better.

Imagine a way in which you can break down your recruitment process into simple steps, and be in control of each of those steps in the entire Recruitment process meeting the desired outcomes for each of those steps which lead you to hire just the Right person you are looking for. And how about saving upto 65% of hiring costs?

With CIEL Rapid you can outsource one or more steps of your hiring process based on your preference and pay only for the step you outsource. Right from Validated Profiles, Interview scheduling to Follow-up with offered candidates till they join the organization, you can pick and choose the step you want CIEL Rapid to perform.

CIEL Rapid is a quick, transparent, and extremely cost-effective solution, particularly for recruitment for SMEs and Startups.

You only Pay for the services you pick to fulfill your SME or startup hiring needs in a cost effective and probably the smoothest way around!

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CIEL RAPID - Process Flow

How CIEL HR Rapid process is revolutionary?

Generally, when a company goes about new hiring or urgent hiring, it ends up paying for the whole process of the recruitment cycle. Various steps are involved in the process, from getting access to the best profiles to conducting interviews and following up on the candidate until the hired candidate joins the company. But paying for the whole process can prove to be expensive especially if the startup is bootstrapped or at an early stage of startup recruitment. CIEL HR finds a solution to this issue by segregating the entire process.

The idea of breaking the process is novel, and it can help Start-ups and SMEs save up to 65% of Hiring costs. For example, if your company is growing and thriving as a startup or an SME, you need to recruit talent. You need access to eligible profiles and interested candidates; you can availa CIEL RAPID services and pay for this step of the process.

Then, if you feel your team can complete the rest of the tasks like scheduling interviews and following up with the candidates, and don’t require our further help, you can take control of the rest of the process without incurring any charges.

In case, you want further services, you can take them by paying for those specific steps. The pay-as-you-go model keeps you in control of the Hiring process the entire time.

Benefits of CIEL Rapid for your Company :

  1. A completely transparent recruitment process designed especially keeping the SMEs and Startups in mind.
  2. A cost-saving yet effective method of recruitment for all sectors
  3. Relevant and Validated profiles
  4. Solutions work extremely well for the urgent hiring of new talent
  5. Top-up plans are available to supplement current plans at attractive pricing. 
  6. Get access to professional staff, experienced service matter experts, and proven solutions.


CIEL Rapid as the name suggests was Rapid in responding and providing candidates' details. I received the list of required candidate profiles within 24 hours. Partnering with them saved time. They had competitive rates and a good profile of candidates.

Ajay Kumar

Director & Plant Head, International Agricultural Processing (IAP), a producer in India of processed gherkins in vinegar, packed in glass jars for supermarkets in Europe, the United States and Australia

Working with CIEL was an outstanding experience. You guys made our work smoother, quicker and easier. With support from CIEL Rapid, we were able to reach the milestones in our business.

Bharat Kumar Martha

Operations Manager, KEYU TECH, An end-to-end Software development, quality assurance and support solutions company started in 2019

The quality of service delivered by CIEL Rapid was Excellent. We were able to shortlist and select a wonderful candidate for the role of Technical lead. The candidate had all the qualities we were looking for and looked like a proper fit. Also, the candidate was very fluent in communicating their views. Will definitely employ your services in the future.

G S Rohitaksh

IT Systems Analyst, i-Link Research Solutions Ltd, An Online field & data collection services company

The solution provided by CIEL Rapid is quick and precise, Candidate profiles shared by them were good. Partnering with them helped in saving a lot of time.

Anchal Agarwal

Managing Director, Bhalothia Udyog, a leading Veneer Manufacturer in India

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